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Dollar Sale!

Earth Week Event

Want to promote and sell your products? We want to help! Calling all vendors to join us for this 4 day event FREE. If you would like apply at all or one of the days, email us your info at [email protected] Must bring your own table.



South Windsor Saturday April 24th 12-4

DELCINA BASTIANCYDelcina makes her own body butter. Her business name is Oasis Kreme Butterz.

Hamden Rescheduled due to weather in now Sunday May 16th

AVERY JANE: Avery giving donation based 3 card spreads ❤ @wildwoodhaze

ELYSE ROSE : Elyse is a beauty expert selling the brand Farmasi a broad selection of quality products spanning the makeup, bath and body, and skincare categories at affordable prices.

CAITLIN LACOILLE: Caitlin is a central Connecticut artist @clacoille on Instagram. She will be bring prints of her work and other magical needs like smudge wands and  Crystal from CT

MALLORY MICHAUD: Mallory sells upcycled tie dye thrifted items like tees pants & sweats. She will also take custom tie dye orders. Her business name is MALU by Mal. MALU means peace in Hawaiian.

Pam Mayo-Yacko: Origami Owl is a leading custom jewelry company known for telling stories and spreading positivity! 


Uptown Tote

Hand Sanitizer

Surprise Gifts

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

People are buying more secondhand clothing than ever before and the trend will continue to grow.  Research has predicted  that over the next 10 years the secondhand clothing industry will more than triple in value. It is expected to grow from $28 billion in 2019 to $80 billion by 2029.

Driving Industry Trends & Fast Fashion

Catwalks, influencers, social networking are all driving the buyer at any cost just to be trendy. Usually items are cheaply duplicated from the look of high end designers. The are made in sweat shops in masses, producing a low quality product that usually lasts one wear to make it low cost for the consumer.

Fast fashion accounts for 10% of all carbon emissions in the world and is the second largest industry when it comes to pollution behind the oil industry. … Fast fashion is a major factor in the destruction and pollution of the environment. Thus, pollution is just one of the negative effects of fast fashion